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      Monster iSport Victory Bluetooth Wireless In-EarNoise Isolation Headphones (Earbuds) – Black w/ Microphone, Sports Headphones,

      UPC# 050644757303. Take all 501pcs @$25.99 ex-works IL


      · PURE MONSTER SOUND: Music is proven to increase athletic performance by up to 15%, whether it’s your first trip to the gym or you’re a seasoned athlete. Monster’s signature ingredient for iSport delivers crystal clear details, with pumping bass to keep you motivated through your training.

      · DURABLE AND SWEAT-PROOF: Everyone sweats while working out and the salts and minerals in sweat can damage sensitive electronics like headphones. The Victory is fully sweat proof and has an IPX 5 rating. The earbuds and sport clips can be rinsed or wiped after use and are resistant to microbial build up and the control talk is sealed tight and has a cover for the Micro USB charge input.

      · BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Worrying about where your headphone cable is while doing your chosen activity has been a problem with sports headphones for years. Untethering yourself from your device gives your body the ability to move freely and you’re less likely to damage your equipment or yourself! Victory has Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X to deliver your music at the highest possible quality. This is wireless that sounds as good as wired.

      · 8+ HOUR BATTERY LIFE: Battery life is one of the top considerations for a pair of wireless headphones – if it’s not long enough, the headphones spend more time on charge than in your ears. Victory gives more than 8 hours from the integrated rechargeable batteries, so you can use them on the commute as well as in the gym.

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