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      Offering the below

      Swatch Golden Tac Black Silicone Watch 35mm

      Model: GB274

      UPC: 0054362633857

      Qty: 150 @$44.00 ex-works NY

      Swatch Linajola Women Bold Blue With Stripes Rubber Watch 34mm

      Model: GN237

      UPC: 0054362634069

      Qty: 145 @ $44.00 ex-works NY

      Swatch LADY Quartz Silicone Strap Blue

      Model: LK396

      UPC: 054362819954

      Qty: 90 @$42.00 ex-works NY

      Swatch Skin Women Hello Darling Rose Gold Mesh Watch 35mm

      Model: SFP115M

      UPC: 7610522541597

      Qty: 130 @$80.00 ex-works NY

      Swatch Classic Irony Body and Soul Automatic Men Watch 37mm

      Model: YAS100G

      UPC: 7610522193093

      Qty: 105 @$114.00 ex-works NY

      Min combined order is 250pcs

      Harman Kardon Go+Play Mini 2 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black

      95 Units @$259.00 ex-works NY for all


      Logitech G600 ‎910-002864

      500 Units @$36.50 ex-work NY

      Logitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse

      500 Units @$120.00 ex-works NY


      Google Chromecast 4K With Google TV
      2000 Unitsex-works NY

      Nest Hub 7 Smart Display with Google Assistant (2nd Gen) @$59.75 ex-works NY
      1500 Charcoal
      1500 Chalk

      Google Chromecast Video 3
      10,000 Units @$27.75 x-works NY

      Conair Barber Shop Series Professional 20-piece Home Haircut Kit*
      1000 Units @$14.50 ex-works NY for all

      Above offer is subject to prior sales