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      Offering the following

      Sony PS4 Controllers- White: 480pcs, Blue: 200pcs. All 680pcs @$65.50 ex-works East Coast

      Go Pro Hero 10 bundle included SD Card and Extra Battery(-Model CHDHX101CN- UPC# 818279027211) 75pcs @$528.00 ex-works East Coast

      Motorola Boom 3+ headset- 1000pcs @$33.75 ex-works east Coast

      Sony WH1000XM3- 100pcs Silver, 100pcs Black take all @$164.00 ex-works East Coast

      Oculus Quest 2 Headset- 128Gig- 200pcs @$315.00 ex-works East Coast

      Oculus Quest 2 headset – 256 Gig – 100pcs @$415.00 ex-works East Coast

      SteelSeries Arctics 5- 500pcs @$82.00 ex-works East Coast

      Sennheiser GSP-670 – 500pcs @$265.00 ex-works East Coast

      Sennheiser Enterprise Solution Presence Grey Business (508341) – Dual Connectivity, Single-Sided Bluetooth Wireless Headset (Black) 1000pcs @$52.00 ex-works

      Fuji SQ1 Instax cameras- Chalk White, Blue and Orange- 100pcs per color @$99.75 ex-works East Coast

      JBL Charge 5 speakers- Teal: 700pfcs, Squad: 200pcs @$143.00 ex-works

      JBL Clip 3 speakers- Blue color- 1100pcs @$39.00 ex-works

      Offer is subject to prior sales

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