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      Below is a opportunity in REMINGTON shavers ( Brand New) Worldwide Voltage

      SKU: HF9100 – 3300pcs all @$59.50 C&F Air-

      Heritage Series Foil Shaver | Cream


      The electric shaving experience has been Remington’s focus for the past 80 years. This latest foil shaver is inspired by tradition, seen in the compact, handheld design. Modern features make it unique, with Lift Logic Foils to capture hairs growing in at multiple angles, and the Comfort Hybrid Trimmer to pre-trim longer hairs for a close shave. The Wet or Dry design means you can shave with gel or foam to find your ultimate comfort. Because reliable performance matters, you can feel the quality of the premium materials and durable construction every time you shave.

      LED Charging Indicators:
      Flashing (0.75 secs On, 0.75 secs Off)
      Full: Solid On for 5 mins then Off
      Low: Rapid Flashing (0.2 secs On, 0.2 secs Off)

      • Heritage-Inspired Design
      • Lift Logic Shaving
      • Comfort Hybrid Trimmer
      • Wet or Dry Shaving
      • Lithium Rechargeable Battery
      • Corded/Cordless Use – 60 Min Cordless Runtime
      • Indicators: Low, Charging, Full
      • Pop-Up Trimmer
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